Same Plan, Different Fabric

After visiting family in Danville, I have been in my sewing room since returning home. The Vogue dress is still in the works but decided against using the fabric originally planned. It is just too unstable without an underlining. I did not like any of the lining fabrics I had to use as there were none similar to the background color. I had some lining fabrics in colors similar to some of the flowers on the dress fabric but not enough yardage of either one.

Plus the more I handled the fabric the more I knew I did not want to use it for this dress. So I pulled out some other fabric from stash, a black with white dots on it. A purchase from last summer from JoAnn's. I had planned to make another dress from it last summer; but in trying out a new to me pattern fitting adjustment technique, I messed up the pattern and put the fabric and pattern aside.

This fabric is perhaps similair to a faille. It will not require an underlining. I don't want to add a lining either. The thickness of the fabric will work well without a lining.

With the dress pattern now cut out, I will begin sewing it tomorrow. Perhaps even finish it.


  1. Happy you can finally fit some sewing into your schedule! Can't wait to see your dress.


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