Vintage patterns

Like many others, I started buying some Vintage Patterns a few years ago. What got me into this was reading a post from Gigi about bidding on a pattern that was somehow related to "I Love Lucy". So I ventured on to eBay and found a few patterns that I bid on and won. I then found the blog-Sew Retro-and have read and seen many garments that others have made using vintage/retro patterns.

This of course has led to my finding numerous sources for these patterns besides eBay. Of course there is "Etsy" as well. I have purchased some patterns from sellers there as well. Last night, not wanting to actually sew or watch the stuff DH was watching on TV, I ventured to Etsy and ended up purchasing two more patterns. These are from the '60's.

I actually have a pattern in the sewing room now that I acquired several months or even possibly a year ago that I have picked out the fabric to make up this retro dress. Hopefully I can resume some sewing later this weekend as we have a family visit trip to Danville planned for tomorrow. This will finally get me started on the Vogue dress. Because it requires no lining and I am not going to draft one, it should be a fairly quick project.

When the patterns arrive I will try to remember to post them.

I am obsessed on finding a particular pattern, so any of you who read this and are vintage pattern collectors, if you find this pattern, Simplicity 2959, pictured below, please email me at lwl1951 dot gmail dot com.

Sewing in the City blogger has made several dresses using the pattern. I, like she, like the look of the neckline on this. Thanks for looking for me.


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