Jacket Idea

This jacket from Sewing Workshop peaked my interest this past August while at the National ASG conference and I purchased it while there. I have not purchased SW patterns in a long while. I have had good success with some SW patterns and not so good with some others. But isn't that they way it is with most pattern companies?

I thought about using the boucle fabric shown in an earlier post with the blouse/skirt fabric. I had this idea about two weeks ago. I then got a Nancy's Notions catalog in the mail and actually saw a similar,though darker fabric, made up in a SW jacket pattern. It seemed to be saying, "See your idea was a good one".

However, these jackets seem to look better with pants. I really want to use the fabric for a jacket to go with the blouse and skirt.

Then this morning while working on my blouse, I got another idea. I thought of using the double knit fabric that is a teal color like the flowers in the blouse/skirt fabric. It is a heavier double knit and not sure that using it for pants or skirt is the right use of the fabric. According to the fabric suggested listed on the pattern back envelope, wool double knit is suggested. This is not a woold double knit. With this pattern, the wrong side of the fabric will show. I think that the double knit will be okay for this.

I'll try to post a photo the fabric soon. That's it for today.


  1. Hey Linda! I like the new photo in the corner! That color looks great on you.


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