Design Changes

I really should make design changes before I get to the end of the project! I guess sometimes I don’t think about them until the end. Not exactly true with this project. Anywho, I decided that I did not want a straight hem on my blouse, as I will not wear it tucked in. I read somewhere, perhaps a Sandra Betzina article, about wearing curved hems on blouses to be worn on the outside as it will give the illusion of length and yet cover a tummy nicely. I agree with this concept as I always prefer this look and always seem to get comments (positive) from others when wearing this style.

I however had this thought in mind when I started this blouse but not until all was sewn did I institute. As a result I am not happy with the hem on this blouse and decided to redo it. Thus dear diary reader, you have not seen the finished project.

Other design changes I made and not following pattern instructions have to do with the sleeve bindings. Here is a photo of the neck binding using the pattern instructions which has the binding attached and sewn putting right sides together and then turning binding to wrong side. Then topstitching on the fabric right side and securely attaching the binding. This binding was cut two inches wide and using a 3/8 seam allowance. The instructions did not tell you to trim the seam allowance to allow a nice turn of the binding. Experience has taught me I need to do this. Otherwise the turn does not do so well and you have extra bulk and potentially fabric threads poking out on the inside.

With the armbinding, I cut 2 ¼ inch wide bias strips, then initially sewed to wrong side of armhole using 3/8 inch and then trimming a 1/8. I then turned the bindings to the right side and secured by stitching close the outer folded edge of the binding. IMHO, this looks nicer and more ready to wear. I wish I had done the same with the neck. I am not undoing the neck binding and then redoing. I think that could be fatal and I actually have only scraps of fabric left and can not cut out new binding. It will be okay! Here is a photo of the armhole binding.

This also added a little more width to armhole and thus does not seem as low.



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