New Look Blouse progress

I sewed some this morning before going grocery shopping. This is a simple blouse pattern to sew. It could be completed in a couple of hours if one was allowed to just sew. I hope to get a day like that again in the future.

The front neckline is gathered slightly in the center and a neckbinding is then attached. The gathered neckline starts out at eight inches to be gathered down to 4 inches. I used my gathering foot for my D1. It can be used to gather fabric as I did and it can be used to gather two pieces together. I have several specialty feet for my machine and have to remind myself to use them. Sometimes they improve the sewing; sometimes though they are frustrating as the foot is not so easy to use. Thus sometimes not aiding the process.

I gathered the center neckline; I then sewed the shoulder seams. I basted side seams to try on the pattern. I hate that the additional area that I added to the front armhole area still was not quite enough to keep the front armhole area from being lower than I like. I remedied this slightly by taking a deeper seam from mid shoulder to shoulder, bringing the lower armhole up slightly.

In pin fitting the pattern, I did a FBA and added two inches. I found that I did not need the full two inches and took an additional 1/2 inch off at the bust side seam area.

I have pinned the neckbinding to the neckline and will be ready to sew this in the morning. That leaves armhole bindings, hemming and adding hook and eye at the back neck opening. I hope to begin and possibly complete the skirt pattern as well.



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