Talbots Knock off

Well Blogger was down for awhile yesterday so could not post or reply to some comments.

I am making great progress on my jacket. I am using the Stitch and Flip (SNF) method for the lining which has made sewing of it much faster. I love lined jackets but it always feels like you are making two jackets instead of the one. On Pattern Review several have suggested making the lining part first and then do the jacket. It seems to make it feel like it is faster. You can do most of your tweaking to the lining and then you can carry those tweaks over to your "real" jacket.

With SNF, you actually sew the lining and the jacket at the same time. One really needs to make sure that the jacket fits using this method as it will be difficult to adjust later. I took a chance on this one since I drafted using PMB. Since the pattern draft is designed with my measurements I should have a truer fit. However, if you do not allow for enough design ease, you could have a snug fitting garment.

I have sewn the body of the jacket and have stitched lining to sleeves. Next I will insert sleeves into the jacket. All that will be left is collar, front facing, and hemming. This jacket has no buttons or zippers to install. It is left open.



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