Sewing Blurb-6-06-06

I am making progress on my jacket to go with my new dress. I decided to use the SNF method for the lining. I think it will go faster this way. I have sewn the back darts, center back seam and added the lining per SNF. I serged the edges as jacket is silk tweed and ravely, but not overly so. I interfaced the front pieces and sewed the front darts. I then pin basted the sides and shoulders to be sure of the fit. I wish had added a little more ease. I may decide to remove or reduce the back waist darts. Though the jacket is not designed to button or zip, I am concerned a little about it being tight. I did not think about the lining when I cut this out and perhaps should have allowed a little more for that. Will see.

I am at the point in the making that if I am going to remove back waist or let them out some, I can do it now, not later.

More later.


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