Response to comments

It is nice to see comments on your blog.

I wanted to respond to some.

What is PMB? This is Pattern Master Boutique. It is a software program offered by the nice folks at Wild Ginger. You enter your specific measurements, there are several you must enter. From that you can draft dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, jackets and more. These will be drafted based on your specific measurements and then you can specify design ease. Really a nice program once you take time to get measurements correct and work with the program.

How do I find the time to sew? Hard! Because I work full time, I try to sew mostly on weekends. However I have "chores" to do like grocery shopping, etc. on weekends. I try to sew some in the evenings, have to drag myself away from the computer a lot. I also try to sew a few minutes before work each day but I have to be careful or I will be late as I forget I am only sewing for about 7 to 10 minutes.

This week I have been on vacation with DH and though we did not go to some exciting vacation destination we did do day trips here and there. Most evenings and yesterday I did a lot of sewing.


  1. Well, that explains why I missed you last night. I did miss you. We made cute little pin cushions. I will post a picture later.

  2. That's good info to know. I have wild ginger's purse-making program, but had no idea about the PMG...I'll have to take a look.

    I read someplace that the creative side of your brain doesn't process time as well as your logical side so it's easy to get "lost" in a creative project.

  3. The jacket looks great. Where can I find out more about the SNF method?


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