Success at last

Well I just successfully sewed a zipper into my dress. Not an invisible zipper; that will not work with the sewn in lining around neck and armscye. I understand why now but can not put into words.

I just installed the center zipper onto the sheath. I admit I did a really good job. I really love the ease of the invisible zipper. With centered, both sides of the zipper need to match up and sometimes I get puckers. I went slow with this and it went in well and the top of the dress matches up also.

I feel like I will be moving forward with the rest of the dress, doing a little each day.

I needed this success. My day started out great, returning to work after a 3 day weekend. Came home for lunch, then my office called me three times. Got kind of flustered as my plans to visit two of our retail stores changed. In a hurry to leave, I locked myself out of the house. Do I have a duplicate key for the back door? NO! Have I said I need one? YES!

Had to call my secretary to have her come and pick me up to take me back to the office as keys to car are with house key in the HOUSE! Called DH who had to pick me up after work. To say the least, my afternoon plans changed. So inserting a zipper with success improves my mood.


  1. Oh, Linda I am so sorry you had so many snags in your day. Getting a zipper in right would have made me over look anything else! LOL, I am not over zealous about zippers. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

  2. I find the puckers are reduced if you sew down both sides (instead of down one and up the other). Plus careful basting helps. And gentle stretching of the fabric as you sew very slowly. Sorry about the key thing! Been there, done that.

  3. Well at least you got the zipper inserted correctly ~ that was one good thing! *smile* Hey this has happened to all of us at one time or another and as Scarlett would say - "tomorrow is another day!"


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