Riding and Sewing

Well a gorgeous holiday is about over.

I got up and made me coffee as usual this morning. Then I read blogs, emails, pattern reviews and such. Fixed my second cup of coffee and was heading for sewing room when DH says' Good Morning". No sewing at that time.

The weather was so good that after a light breakfast and showers we decided to go out for a motorcycle ride on the Parkway. We ended up at Peaks of Otter and had lunch there. The place was so busy that service was slower than normal.

We returned home about 3:00. I started working on my dress again. I am trying a different technique for lining, following instructions from a Vogue pattern. I thought that I could use an invisible zipper instead of having to use a centered, regular zipper. Not so. After attempting twice to insert the invisible zipper and resulting in a twisted mess due to lining attached to neck and sleeves, I have given in to the fact that it will have to be centered zipper.

Thus I lost precious sewing time by inserting and removing the invisible zipper twice!!! :-(

Call me stubborn but no amount of effort was going to make that invisible zipper work. Fortunately I did have a regular zipper that probably is a better color to use for the dress than the color of the invisible one. But since invisible, it would not be seen! :-)

I pinned the right side of the regular zipper into the sewn back seam but decided it was time to eat dinner so have put aside for that moment when I have time to devote to it. Like hopefully tomorrow night.

Once this is done, then I can sew the side seams of lining and dress. I will baste fit first. I did this prior to inserting lining but things change, especially when you remove zippers twice, perhaps some stretching in the center back. After sewing I will only have to hem and I am DONE! Jacket next. I have a beautiful silk tweed to make into a jacket. I also have enough of this brown fabric to make a jacket/blouse to go over the dress. Maybe some embellishment to that. Will see!


  1. Oh I HATE ripping out! And twice - ack! Good for you for persisting. Maybe some pressing might help if you had stretching?


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