Babylock Embellisher Class

Saturday, a member of our ASG will teach a class on needle punch felting by hand and by the Embellisher. I am more looking forward to the Embellisher class more so than I am the hand felting.

I purchased this machine after Christmas for a great sale price. Come to find out, many of our ASG members did so as well. I have not done as much with the machine as I had imagined I would do. So this class will be a motivator and a way I hope to learn more than I know at this time. The manual and project book that came with the Embellisher is pitiful. Babylock could have done better, IMHO.

Anyway I think it will be a fun class. I have to go to JoAnn's and get some supplies for the hand felting part. I have a lot of nice roving that I bought to use with the Embellisher. I have practiced with some but have not done enough.

There is a Babylock Group on Yahoo that I visit some. Right now there is this annoying discussion on using the right term on what we are really doing with the machine. This particular person feels we are not really felting and that term is not what we should be using. There is a tone there that makes me feel as I read it that this could get "-itchy". Who cares what we call what we are doing. I just want to learn more about the capabilities of the machine and what I can create.

Got to run. More later.


  1. Have fun, can't wait to see what you make!

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  3. Hi Linda, Love your tuxedo jacket. I just finished a heavy silk cape that I put some needle felting on. Great fun and a embellishment the relieves stress.


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