Well this fabric is HORRIBLE! And the pattern though it fits, I really needed to make a FBA of about 1/2 inch to 3/4.

The fabric is truly hard to sew. I wrote once that not all buttermilk knits are the same. This fabric really looks good but it is very difficult to sew.

The pattern instructions indicate that you should serge all the seams first. You then sew the front and back center seams, turn down the self-facing and stitch in the ditch on the right side to hold the facing down. Simple enough, right?

Well the serging of the seams required me to reduce differential to .5 on my serger. I also had to reduce the needle tensions to minus neutral. I have never had to reduce needle tensions to negative before just to serge finish the edges of a fabric. When you stitch the seams together the fabric wants to pucker on the sewing foot. Taut sewing is a must but it was still a pain.

I continued sewing, thinking it could be salvaged. When I went to turn the sleeve hem edges under 1/2 inch, the fabric just would not turn under well. In attempting to stitch it down, it kept twisting and trying to roll under.

I decided that I knew it was going to be somewhat tight through the bust and that basically it was going to end up being a muslin. I thought stop now, it is only frustrating you for something you will not wear in the end.

I have almost 2 yards of this fabric left. I may perhaps try to sell it or save it for our ASG Auction in August. Someone else may have better luck with it.

I have set up my serger for my new brown sheath dress. I also wound a bobbin for my sewing machine and threaded machine for starting my dress and jacket project.


  1. {Linda} sorry about the material. I will remember that come auction time! LOL.

  2. Love your blog - sometimes you have to stabilize the raw edges with an appropriately firm and thin tape to get it to serge and lay well. Hoping your project works out for you!



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