The class on embellishing, felting or needle punching (whatever you are inclined to describe it) went very well yesterday. The first part of the class was on needle felting using a blue grip needles that are used in hand felting. The instructor, a member of our ASG, showed some of the items she has made using this technique. It included a hat, a purse, and lapel pin.

She also passed out handouts showing various projects one can make; websites to go to in order to purchase roving (wool or silk) plus needles, forms, etc.

Following lunch we felted/embellished fabric using the Bablylock Embellisher machine. Nancy, our instructor, demonstrated some of the things she has taught herself to do with the machine using various fibers-fabric, yarn, lace, silk ribbons, as well as silk flowers with plastic centers removed. We learned that some fabrics will not "needle punch" or felt to another. Cotton on cotton does not stay felted unless you felt roving over it to attach or use a sewing machine to stipple or sew in some manner.

I am now ready to use my embellisher more. Interesting what it will do. The fabric I used yesterday was wool/cashmere scraps leftover from my green Vogue jacket. I think I will end up making a purse from it. We were encourage to finish our pieces and make something from it to bring to the next ASG meeting in June. Photos of my work in progress to follow.


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