KS3108 photos

Here is the completed KS skirt.

The hem is not completed in this picture. I had edged finished the hem line and begun to turn it up.

Here is an inside look of the elastic. I serged the edges of the fabric as it was rather ravely. I then zigzagged the elastic to the edge of the skirt.

Next I turned under and sometimes I sew right along the edge of the turnunder elastic to form a casing, stretching and stitching as I go. I like the Comfort Elastic method, found on Pam's "Off the Cuff" blog. So decided to do that with this skirt. When you wear it, you don't see an elastic casing, it is smooth (mostly) and looks more like a faced skirt.

You just stitch in the ditch through the side seams and I also stitch through front and back seams if there are any. This holds elastic in place.


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