Jacket complete

The jacket is complete!!! For an easy sew jacket this was a bit of a challenge. The jacket was shorter than I thought and to make it a little longer I added a bias piece at the bottom, turning it up partically so that I created an illusion of piping around the hemline. This allowed me to add a little more length to the jacket as I did not want the blouse to hang below jacket hemline. I think by adding this I also tied the embroidery on the jacket front together more with blouse underneath and jacket piping to match.

I took shots of the jacket and blouse this morning. I have to leave for work now and will post the pictures later. I will do a review on Pattern Review as well.

I have decided on two skirt styles and will make final decision tonight. I used PMB to draft the two patterns. I will then cut out skirt pattern this week and hope to have this project fully complete by weekend.


  1. Can't wait to see it. I'll be watching for the review!


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