Jacket and Blouse Photos

Here is the cap sleeve blouse that inspired the embroidery on the jacket.

Here is the jacket with the blouse underneath. I see some puckers on the right side but when I look at the jacket they are not there. I think it is the way the jacket is on the dressform when I took the photo.

Here is a close up of the embroidery on the jacket with blouse underneath.

To add a little length to the jacket by not having to turn up as deep of a hem, I added a bias facing using fabric from blouse. Here is close up of that.

My DH has suggested that I sew a skirt with the design running down the length of the front of the skirt. For my husband to suggest this is a major breakthrough for him. He is not one much for embellishment, but then I always tell him he is not wearing the outfit I am. But since he has planted that idea, I have two skirt styles in mind that I think that this would work with. I think it is a good idea, so when I take the jacket off the skirt will pick up the design also.


  1. Any solid colour skirt in one of the colours in the blouse will work great too. Looking good!

  2. You inspire me so much! It is just fantastic!

  3. I like the bias facing on the hem... a nice added detail!

  4. Linda, this looks great.
    Almost thou inspirest me to get an embroidery machine... ;)


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