Embroidered jacket

Here is a photo of the embroidered front piece of my jacket in progress. Work has been extremely difficult this week with it being "budget season" and I am short one managment staff, so guess what, I am wearing two hats again. Thus I have not had time to work on my jacket any evening this week. Tomorrow is a holiday!! Guess what, I will sew some and hopefully finish this tomorrow and then decide on what skirt style I am going to use to make the skirt for this.

The photo makes the left side look a little different in color. But it is photographer error or lighting error because they are the same color. I am so excited that I got the embroidery to mirror and line up exactly!!!;-). That is the hard part of doing embroidery like this, I think.

More later.


  1. This is really looking fantastic! When you have the blouse finished and put behind this, it is really going to look stunning!

  2. I can't wait to see the finished outfit! The embroidery looks so nice.

  3. I'm also impressed. Did you press it afterwards? It looks so flat. I bet the ensemble will look great!


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