KS 3108

I started a new skirt last night and worked on it off and on today. I had 2 yards left of the fabric I used to make my "wadder". I used this pattern for the skirt.

I am making view D. It is not a difficult skirt to make but it is time consuming sewing gussets/godets to 8 fabric panels and then sewing and serge finishing edges of all pieces. I have completed all of this and have serged finished the hem line. Skirt calls for a 5/8 hem. I will do that by machine. All that is left is to attach elastic. So did not waste too much of the fabric. I think I can use the fabric from the 'wadder" for a purse lining or something. Thus not a total loss. Just a loss of my precious sewing time.

I will look at it also as a lesson in matching fabric and pattern.


  1. Sorry about the "wadder" (as in "wad up and toss"?) skirt. We've all been there! I blogged about some things earlier on my sewing blog and I know I will NEVER wear them - they are just too ugly. I can't believe I made them. Never mind - we shall overcome as they say.


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