20 minutes to sew

Yeah!, I got a few minutes yesterday evening after work to sew on my jacket. I completed the shoulder seams which are the last of the seams to sew before adding the collar. I will attached the lining next after I ponder some more on how to attach it with the cuton facing for front. I am hung up on this because all I can think of with this is that it will will add some bulk at the front area.

In addition to this I play with the Embellisher to felt some yarn to the collar. I am not going to do that though this fabric and yarn felted together well. I am thinking I may have enough fabric left over to make a purse and will felt this with the yarn.

I will finish this jacket this weekend. I hear that the weather will cool down again for our area. It has been unseasonably warm this winter. Though I admit I am not a fan of winter so I personally am enjoying the warmth. But some coolness will make this a nice jacket to wear upon completion.


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