Sewing update for the past weekend

This past weekend sewing was minimal as other family life issues competed for my time.

I am still on the hunt for some lace fabric to use as a panel insert for the Vogue skirt I recently made.  I think I may have found what I am looking for from Fabric Mart and ordered some yesterday.  They had cotton lace labeled lavender gray.  The fabric that I used some grey woven through and I am hoping that this will blend with the skirt.  I found a piece of fabric at JoAnn's that I thought matched up well but not sure that it is what I want for this skirt.

Meanwhile I started sewing the New Look knit top and if I could have had more free time I probably could have finished most of it.  DH needed additional Velcro strips added to pocket flaps of some of his work shirts.  He keeps his phone in the pocket and with his job the pocket needs to stay securely closed to keep phone from falling out.  He used to wear the phone in a case on his belt but a recent mishap resulted in his phone falling in the toilet and that was the end of that.

Fortunately for him (and me) Verizon had a great promotion this past weekend, it seems it was designed to take place around Mother's Day, so he has a new working phone with all the bells and whistles he needs/wants which makes us both happy people.

I would like to give you a wearability report for the McCall's scuba knit dress.  I posted photos previously; I did wear it to work last week and let me say it is a very comfortable dress to wear and the knit is great knit to wear.  No wrinkles, no stretching out of place.  It may prove to be a little too warm when it is very hot out, working in an air conditioned office will not be a factor.  I can see more of this knit in my sewing plans.

I plan to make another version of this dress in the near future.

I recently purchased a few more patterns from JoAnn's during their Simplicity sale for $.99 with a limit up to 10, I only bought three.  Will share that with you later.  Time to get ready for work.


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