Butterick 5917-take two

Yes, I am going to sew B5917 again.  I really like this pattern and having perfected the fit it is time to make a transition to fall dress.  This is my Little Navy Blue Dress-LNBD.

I like navy blue and use to wear it a lot.  I decided to give it ago again with this dress pattern.  The fabric is from Fabric Mart
Of course the navy blue is on the left.  I thought I took a better photo of this material.  I acquired this in September of 2012 so I suppose it is now seasoned enough to make something from this.

I made several notes after making this version of the dress.  I then made those adjustments to the pattern pieces yesterday evening.  The fabric has been cut out and next to do is to cut out the lining fabric.

My printer of late has been making several horrible noises of late so yesterday I purchased a new one with wifi/web connection.  It took me most of the afternoon to get this set up and running.  I am still getting an error message and decided to put it aside for now.  It will print except for when I want to send a remote print job.  Computers/printers/smartphones got to love 'em and hate 'em!

I will share more later.  Hope your sewing weekend has been a productive one.


  1. hope you are feeling better! The flu is the worst...

    1. This was a really bad stomach virus. I just don't do sick well!

  2. Oh I do like this pattern and your other version was really pretty. Looking forward to seeing this version. I love navy blue too. Just bought some navy wool for a jacket that I hope gets made next month.

    1. Thanks Diana. I am wanting to make some jackets this year. I have not made many in awhile.


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