I nailed it!

Sometimes the best solution to a sewing problem is to walk away from it for awhile. Having done that and busied myself with something else, allowed me to go back to the sewing room and fix the issue. 

I needed to readjust the pleats.  By doing so I was able to line up the waistline seams and to get the invisible zipper inserted correctly.  Here is a shot of this.  This was taken right after sewing the zipper so the pleat that was removed and others readjusted had not been fully pressed.

This looks a little washed out from closeness of fabric and flash.  My camera battery is not staying charged as it should.  DH says I should get a new camera; I think he is right.  This has been a good one but about 6+ years old.

This time in sewing a dress with a side invisible zipper; I sewed it my way not the way the instructions have you sew it.  I followed the pattern instructions before with the black and red dress.  The instructions for this dress were the same and it is too difficult to insert an invisible zipper using their method.  This one took a lot of time because of the bulkiness of the pleats at the side and because I could not line up the waistline seam without redoing the pleats.

Now the next step is to attached the dress lining at the neckline and I will hand stitch the lining at the zipper side plus tack it in several places at the waistline.  Sleeves will come next and then the hemming.  I had so hoped to be further along with this; sometimes that it how it goes with sewing.


  1. I'm anxious to see the finished product! And I love the color.


  2. It's always so great when solutions come to us in our dreams, so to speak. The pleats look nice.


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