After the MOT, I decided to make a few skirts. I cut out my TNT Butterick pattern B5249
(Photo courtesty of Butterick Patterns Website) this morning. I decided to make View D with the ruffle. I used the recently purchased brown, wool herring-bone fabric purchased from I have perfected the fit of this skirt and this will be my third version so should be fairly easy to sew. The pattern does not call for a lining but I use the pattern pieces to make a lining. I can not wear wool against my skin without itching.

I also pin fitted this pattern, a new one for me, New Look 6918. (Photo courtesy of Simplicity Patterns Wesbite). I plan to make View E (the yellow one). I am going to use a dark gray fabric that I acquired a couple of months ago from Schoolhouse Fabrics in Floyd, VA. I have not cut this one out yet, but plan to do so shortly. I still have a few BWOF skirt patterns I plan to trace and cut out as well.


  1. Your skirt choices are cute - look forward to seeing the end results.
    Mom did her student teaching in Floyd back in the 1960's!!
    Oh, I like your new Merry Christmas background!


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