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I am asking for some feedback, particularly from those of you who live in an area, like NYC that has numerous sources for marking (tracing) paper. I use Dritz marking paper and one or two others that I can acquire from JoAnn Fabrics. Do you know of a source for better quality marking (tracing) paper and can hopefully be acquired on line? If so, please share that information with me.

I either end up using marking paper that smears/bleeds colors onto the fabric when you get ready to trace markings, like darts. Or the paper hardly marks the fabric at all and you trace several times just to get a mark.

Thanks for your assistance.


  1. I use PatternEase. I always steam press it before use, so the folds can be steamed out after storage. I buy it only when it's on sale. I found this link, but there are other places to buy:

  2. Great question because I am in need of good tracing paper too.

  3. I use Saral wax-free tracing paper. It washes out, leaves no smudgies.

  4. Believe it or not, I use 3 mil plastic drop cloth to trace off my patterns and permanent marker (i.e. a Sharpie). Someone suggested it on the Burda group and it works great.

    And talk about cheap! I purchased a 9' x 12' package for about $5.

  5. I'm glad you posted this question. I'll be watching the responses.

  6. I use vellum paper that is intended for inkjet plotter printers. If you search ebay for inkject vellum you will see several rolls of vellum in varying sizes.

    It has worked great for me.


  7. I hope you find some good responses. I've just about given up on tracing paper because it either leaves no mark, or a mark that will never go away. For heavier fabrics like twill and denim, I have been using a Hera marker, which just leaves and indentation on the fabric. For most other things, like darts, I use a rolling chalk liner. When I have to trace something like a curved dart, I have resorted to tailors tacks.

  8. Greenberg and Hammer sells a professional transfer paper that is approx 26" x 38", and thick enough to be used many, many times without tearing.
    However, the owner told me the supplier passed away, and while they have found a new company to manufacture the paper, this new company has not yet gotten the yellow and white colors to G&H's specifications. So, as of two weeks ago, only blue and red are available.


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