Where did the week go?

You go on vacation, then go back to work and no sewing. Though I am thinking about it and planning projects. I had even planned to purchase some fabric from Vogue Fabrics and the material I wanted was sold out! I am angry with myself as I had several opportunities to place the order and didn't.

I was in Richmond Thursday evening and all day Friday for business. Unfortunately I was not able to find a moment to go to any fabric store while there. Today is our ASG's Christmas luncheon so no sewing this AM and DH and I are doing some family shopping this afternoon. Hopefully this evening I can advance my plans to cut out some skirt patterns and is some cases trace the BWOF patterns for fitting and cutting.

I am taking a few moments this AM to read blogs and see what others are up to before getting ready to go to luncheon. Happy sewing to all.


  1. I hate when I miss a beautiful fabric because I procrastinated ordering it!! It happens to me way too often! Have fun at the banquet.

  2. I know what you mean about sewing. I have almost finished a long aline skirt this evening. I had not sewn since the Wednesday before Thanksgiving! I was beginning to go into withdrawals!! We were gone over Thanksgiving and then my week was just too busy with school and the kids. Plus, there is that thing called Christmas looming on the horizon!!!
    I placed an order from fabric.com earlier this week. I want to make a rain coat with Amy Butler's new laminated cotton. They tend to have it at the best price and with 30% off and free shipping it just doesn't get much better! The fabric arrives on Monday -- I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!! I hope the pattern hurries up and gets here. I keep seeing MORE fabric I want. I must not buy more, though! I ordered right much other fabric when I got the laminated cotton. The deals were just too darn good . . .


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