Vacation sewing update

I have been sewing but not continuously. As I mentioned earlier, DH had a dental emergency and all is well now. Extensive and expensive dental work. That certainly was not in my sewing plans for the week. I also have had some sort of stomach virus. That can put a damper on activities as well.

Thursday evening was our ASG meeting and it was fun to visit with other sewist who share this passion. Some members presented a program on "Draping for Fit". It was informative. I think I am going to stick with buying and adjusting patterns.

I have just about completed my wool crepe skirt. The lining is attached; the pattern does not call for a lining but I used the pattern pieces to make one as it is wool crepe and I think it needs to be lined. For me, anything wool needs to be lined. I just need to sew the facings to the skirt and hem it.

I plan to work on two jackets next. One is the BWOF Feb. 09 jacket. I have the pattern pieces traced but have not pin fitted yet. I also plan to make this McCall's jacket from the remaining wool crepe. I will probably make View A as I not sure I have enough for View B.

Back to sewing.

I did go to JoAnn's today while out doing my weekly grocery shopping. I picked up two more Simplicity patterns since they are on sale for $1.99. I also picked up a McCall's knit dress pattern. I fell in love with


  1. Sorry about the medical issues with you and DH. Best laid plans.....for the week that sewing was the plan. Hope you are feeling better. It will all get sewn--just later than planned!

  2. Hope you and your husband are both on the mend. I love sewing clubs and belong to several, ASG included. Draping--bah. Like you, I'll stick with patterns.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you and DH are not feeling well. I hope that everyone will be on the mend.

  4. Oh what McCall's knit dress pattern did you buy? I'm wondering if its the same one that arrived in the mail for me yesterday?

  5. Sorry to hear about your husband's dental work and your stomach virus. I hope you both feel better soon! I also line almost every skirt I make, especially anything wool. I'm experimenting with lace edging on the skirt lining. I read about this treatment in a sewing book I recently bought. I hope you are able to make real progress on your garments this weekend!


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