I decided it was time to end my agony. The blouse is just not doing it for me. I think it is the wrong marriage of fabric and pattern. I always hate when I think I have wasted fabric. I think that it would have been better to use this fabric for skirts or capris, not this blouse. It was becoming more and more frustrating to work with this.

So I am putting it aside. I really don't think that I like the pattern either.

Thus I am going to start on the McCall's skirt pattern using an alternative blue fabric. Remember this post. So now that I have the fitting kinks worked out with this skirt, I am ready to make it again. I have the zipper and thread, so I am good to go.


  1. You know this even happens to designers! They think a design and a fabric will work and the first sample tells them...no not gonna work! So you are following in tried and true steps.

  2. Wadders-boo! I hate when that happens, but it is bound to, now and then. I hate the waste of time more than the waste of fabric. Time is at a premium. Good luck with the skirt. If you put the shirt in the trash and take it out--IT NEVER HAPPENED!

  3. Oh I hate those darn wadders too, especially when I think I've wasted money. Good decision to just move on - the next project will be much more rewarding.


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