SOS! Mayday!

I realized, of course after making my blue skirt, that there is color fading where the fabric was folded. Why not before making??? I skipped some steps in the cutting process and did not press fabric before working with it---there is a lesson here, folks.

Anywho-it is noticeable and perhaps more so to me than others, still it exists. Is there something that I can do to help try to restore the color in that area? I really like the skirt and want to salvage it. I thought about adding embroidery design to help conceal it, but it is right up the center.

Your thoughts and feedback are greatly appreciated.


  1. Can you make a seam down the CF, therefore eliminating the fade line?

  2. Hi Linda,
    I like the idea of embroidery. But make it asymmetrical. Meaning instead of running the pattern straight down the centre, start a bit off-centre. Perhaps a modfied paisley motif in the the same tone/shade of the skirt. I think an "embossed" look would enhance the design features of it.

  3. What about adding a slot seam down the front?

  4. If it is the blue McCall skirt you could add some topstitching with white tread left and right along the center front fading line.

    Lesson learned always check your fabric for flaws and fading lines.

  5. I like the ideas of a "seem". Another thought would be some ribbon or trim down the line then add it around the hem perhaps to bring it all together?

  6. if you do the embroidery in the center, I'd suggest doing 3 rows. Perhaps a wider design in the center, with a narrower coordinating design down each side. Or a larger design down the center and scatter some coordinating motifs around the front/hem?

  7. I'm glad other readers have ideas for you to try. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  8. Can you throw it in a vat of Rit fabric dye? You probably thought of that already, but it seems like if you got a color that's about the same, it might just work.


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