Wanting to sew

This week I have been so engrossed in developing my division's budget that it has consumed me day and night. The budget is due today and by gosh,finance will get ours on time. Instead of dreaming of sewing, I am now waking up thinking of revisions to my budget. I came up with a few last night and in the shower this AM. This to shall pass.

I did wear my new black knit SB top this week. I had planned to wear it with my skirt but I have not had the time to even stitch the facings to zipper or lining, so I wore it with my black wool pants as the weather turned cooler again and they felt good to wear. I think I will make a few more tops from this pattern. There is still some fullness in the back, width wise, that I need to address. I also think I need to make the cross over top included in this pattern as well. The knit I used for this top is great quality. Fortunately I bought enough yardage that I can use it for more knit garments I have in mind.

At least this weekend, I have two other patterns cut out and ready to sew. I will not need to spend time, pattern fitting and cutting out fabric this weekend; unless I get real lucky and complete both garments and have the time. Later.


  1. It sounds like you need your creative outlet after all that figuring! Let your mind rest. Have a great time sewing this weekend.


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