Nadine Plus Variation – Sewing Creations |

One I was just playing around with websites and posting to either my blog or Facebook. But I truly love the look of this jacket. The collar is most appealing to me!

Nadine Plus Variation – Sewing Creations

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  1. Love the detail on the sleeve. How's your Lutterloh top coming along?

  2. Yes!! I like the collar, sleeves and button details! So I guess I like the whole jacket! LOL

  3. You are so right. It's a nice jacket!

  4. I like all of the jacket details too. I am a detail person.

  5. Great collar. Actually, the entire jacket is pretty nice. I like it with the staighter peplum, rather than gathers, and love all the buttons.

    I may need this one myself. Have to find a big copy machine.

  6. Can I ask you a favour? If you are inclined, would you be so kind as

    to pop over to

    I just would love if you would vote for your favourite. Better if you vote for me. :)

    Thank you

    The Seeker

  7. i love it as well! collars are my thing lately! i just brought up a bunch of jacket patterns all with detailed collars!
    hope you get the pattern would love to see you make it.


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