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I began sewing the KS knit top last evening. I decided not to do CURVES this AM and instead went to sewing room early to continue sewing the top. I completed the neckband and sewed that to the front and back. I did not try on the neckband before attaching to the front and back. I don't know if I would have discovered at that point that the shoulder seams would need to be taken deeper or not.

I had basted the side seams and then tried on the top to discover that it appeared big and hung very low. I pinned deeper shoulder seams which immediately improved the look of the top. On me, KS patterns run rather large in the shoulders and neckline. I fall between a small and medium in that area. I used a medium for this pattern and probably should have gone with the small. Sometimes even in a small I find that I need to take deeper shoulder seams. I had taken a 1/4 inch horizontal tuck across the front and back.

I had to undo stitching in three different places in order to take the deeper shoulder seam. I had to take care of some personal chores and such so put the sewing aside until after dinner. I have now stitched the facing down for the neckband and attached the sleeves.

I am taking a break now, having late dessert and watching an old movie with DH. I will finish the top tomorrow AM and hopefully begin the KS dress tomorrow. More later.


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