Sewing Update for midweek

Here's what I have done since Sunday:

I cut out the fabric for the KS pattern Sunday evening.

I have the skirt fabric ready to cut out for the next Butterick skirt. I set this up Monday evening. I had to travel to Staunton,VA Tuesday evening for an event today. I hope to do a little of that this evening after dinner with DH.

I have been playing around with the Lutterloh system and have drafted the front piece of a pullover top using one of the pattern designs. It looked like it drafted funny. Yet when I pinned out the dart, it seems to fit from just pinning to center front of my bra. I have some nice muslin fabric to test this out. I have been reading more about this system on the message boards at PR and found a Yahoo group as well.

I have been reading some blogs and found that I have been awarded the Sisterhood Award from Mary with Sewfast. I need to follow up on this and nominate some others so plan to do that later.

Got to go now and will post more later.


  1. You're so productive! Puts me to shame... all I've worked on this entire week is a purse.

  2. I find it so hard to do anything during the week! I'm impressed you can be productive after dinner.

  3. I'm impressed. After dinner I am just so exhausted. You shall be my role model for getting going.

  4. Hi Linda,
    I just nominated you for the "Sisterhood Award" (check my blog)
    Thanks for sharing your creativity, knowledge & sisterhood.


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