Thank you!

Thank you for the positive comments on the skirt. I wore it yesterday to work with black sweater/top and black opague hose with black shoes. I got quite a few compliments from my staff and peers.

I really like the flip of the drape when you walk. Rather "girly" feeling. I have to say though after wearing for awhile I felt like the skirt was getting larger! I really need to work on stabilizing those skirts without waistbands better. I am going to take deeper side seams from waist to just above hip with this skirt. I want it just a little snugger.

I do know this I will make another ruffle skirt as well as another view from this pattern.


  1. What are your plans to stabilize a skirt better? What did you use on this one?

  2. My thoughts are: I bet you look GREAT!


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