Weekend sewing

I have not gotten much sewing in this week. No surprise there! I have been thinking about sewing my cardigan and top though. I ordered some fold over elastic from Saf-T-Pockets.com as they have a great color selection of this elastic. I ordered a pale yellow as the background color for the cardi/cami is pale yellow. I am hoping that this will match/blend well enough to use this on the cami neckline. I received a notice that it has been shipped; so maybe, maybe, maybe it will arrive this weekend.

I also had an opportunity this week to do some window shopping at Macy's while out for lunch. I got some great ideas for dresses and knew I had numerous patterns at home that would be very similar to those in the store. I am hoping that something in my fabric collection will jump out and say "make me"!


  1. Seems like you've been productive lately! And shopping for ideas is always fun. :)


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