Saturday Morning-10/18/08

It's early Saturday, house is quiet, I'm on my first cup of coffee.

I have been to the Burda site looking at previews of Nov. BWOF, clicking on patterns, responding to some emails from my cyber sewing friends. Given the week I have just completed, this feels like bliss!

Computer locked up on me earlier this week after upgrading my Norton Antivirus and getting all the Windows update. I could operate in Safe Mode, but when going back to "Normal", darn thing was locked up tighter than tight. So unplug, load it up and take it to CC the next day for them to check it out. This caused computer withdrawal syndrome. Thankfully it was not a major issue and got it back the same day. I then have to remember what goes where in putting all back together.

Work has been hectic. We are an agency that must go through an accreditation review every three years and Monday the reviewers arrive. So the last minute, get everything together syndrome kicked into high gear and yesterday the office was a buzz. Since I worked late most evenings last week, I left work at the appointed 4:30 official closing time. Did the grocery shopping with DH's assistance, had pizza and then returned home to spend time in sewing room.

The room looked and still somewhat looks like a hurricane aftermath. I had two embroidery projects going on, pattern fitting project and a dress with snaps that for the life of me I have had difficulty getting the darn snaps to line up.

One project is now complete. The snaps are finally on the dress and hopefully I will take some photos of me wearing it. I need to find the right belt to wear with it or some sort of scarf if I don't wear a belt, it just needs something. Fit is good and I like the dress but it is just not complete.

This weekend my sewing plans are to cut out the McCall's blouse pattern, finish pin fitting Butterick jacket pattern and cut that fabric, and pin fit the McCall's dress pattern. Meanwhile I will continue my lace embroidery project.

Time for second cup of jo' and off to CURVES to reduce my stress!



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