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There have been several blogs posting garments made that the sewist has worn to work or other places. So I thought I would post some recent garments I've worn to work..
The dress and coat were made using PMB3. They were inspired by a Talbot's dress and jacket. The jacket fabric was either from Vogue Fabrics or Fashion Fabric Club. The dress fabric I can't remember where I got it; but I love how the dress holds up after wearing all day. These photos were taken before leaving to go to work.
This is a Vogue pattern. The fabric came from Sawyer Brooks. It is a lovely buttery yellow background with palm trees. There are palm trees woven into the fabric as well.

This is the first Jalie 2794 top I made. I wore this today with a purchased black suit with white trim. The suit is a Kasper suit from a microfiber that does not wrinkle. This is the end of the day look.


  1. Your outfits and percentage of sewn outfits looks great!

  2. Great outfits, thanks for sharing the pictures.

  3. Pretty! And I love that palm tree print for a suit!

  4. Linda .- a good outfits, and also all the clothes are loyal to a particular style: his own. congratulations. greetings, Paco

  5. Great looking outfits, Linda. I, like you, wear alot of what I make to work..., I think about 75 percent.

  6. Love the Jalie top with the black suit. It's perfect. You did ag reat job on the Palm Tree suit as well. And that copper brown is a gorgeous color on you!


  7. I like seeing what others are wearing. You have some nice outfits there :)


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