I am thinking strongly about sewing

But I am not sewing. I have fabric swatches in my purse to get thread and zippers but yet to make it to JoAnn's to buy them. Work has consumed way more of my personal time as it has for other staff. Some staff just don't seem to have any personal life-not a good thing.

Today I found myself touching different people's clothing as I kept thinking I could make that skirt, or dress. So I did ask before touching. One skirt I looked at with great interest today was one that was black and white with a black band at the hemline!!! When inquiring where they purchased it, not in VA. She thought probably in South Carolina or Florida. Oh well.

I am reading some sewing articles so close to doing but not!


  1. I laughed when I read your post - I love to touch people's clothes... or ones on the rack (and inspect the details, hems, seams, etc.).

  2. Well I am the same - not sewing - but reading blogs. Almost as good!!


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