PMB Jacket is Complete!

Well my jacket is complete! I am thrilled. I started this project about two weeks ago. Though I could have made the jacket in one day if I had uninterupted time, this took longer because of the front embroidery and I don't have uninterupted time.

I just wrote a review of the pattern at PR, click on My Pattern Reviews under Sewing Links under sidebar for that information.

The fabric was great to sew with. No real issues at all. This is fabric I have had in my stash for over two years. I am trying to use my fabric stash for current sewing projects. This is being driven also because of the Fabric Stash contest at PR as well. So far I have made three items and have use about 6 yards of material.

Here are some photos of the jacket in sewing progress and completed:

This is the front with embroidery complete , shoulders sewn and shoulder pads pinned in.

This is jacket with sides basted for further fitting.

This is a side view with glimpse of the back in the mirror.

Here is the completed jacket on Alma Marie. The dress form shoulders are wider than mine thus makes the hang of the jacket in the shoulders and sleeves look funky.

Next up is New Look Jacket, Coquette Blouse, and 1945 Skirt.


  1. I really like your jacket - the embroidery is just the right amount of embellishment to make it look unique and interesting. Great work!

  2. Very pretty! Your embroidery is just perfect on the jacket.

  3. I absolutely love this jacket! It is another stunning creation!


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