WIP-Sinclair Nova Raglan

Yesterday and today I have been working on the Nova Sinclair Raglan. I ran into an issue with attaching the cowl neckpiece.  The instructions were confusing to me, which is not typical of Sinclair's instructions. The wording and photos are very clear. My issue was that what I wanted the right side of the cowl to be on top but would not happen using their instructions of placing the right side of the cowl to the right side of the top.

The instructions also have you turn the bodies inside add and sew as noted above.  For me, the wrong side of the cowl would end up being the side that would be visible. I finally asked for some help on the Sinclair Facebook group. Most everyone expressed that the right side should be stitched to the right side of the bodice.  I finally decided to do what I had been thinking and just to do the opposite of the instructions.  That worked.

Here is the top, still a WIP, with the right side of the

cowl showing on the right side of the bodice.

I have to say I looked at several other patterns with cowls and the instructions say basically the same thing right side to the right side. I realize with my other tops that both sides of the cowl neckpiece are the same fabric. So no biggy. With this top, the wrong side is more of the lighter shade of the fabric piece, and I wanted the green to show to balance out with the bottom of the front piece.

Moving on, I now have to sew the bottom band and the sleeve cuffs and will finally have a new top!! More to follow.


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