In a Semi-Normal Frame of Mind

 Since my last post, I have worked on getting back to a semi-normal state of mind.  I immersed myself in reading lots of sewing blogs and pattern reviews getting some new inspiration. I have pulled three pieces of fabric and have washed one of them and will do the next two today. 

I was inspired by a sweatshirt reviewed on Pattern Review by Maria from Sinclair Patterns. I am always impressed by her fabric combinations. I love Sinclair Patterns because of the petite sizing and do not require much in the way of pattern adjustments. They also come in regular and tall as part of the pattern purchase.

The main fabric will be a ponte knit in purple purchased from EOS in 2016.

From the EOS My Fabrics section. Rayon Ponte

The other fabric is from EOS in 2015, a beautiful sweater knit fabric. I finally know what I want to do with this fabric. I purchased the last of the bolt, so have limited material to work with. This will be the front bodice piece.

I need to print out and tape together the pattern pieces. More to follow and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great inspiration piece--she does do wonderful things with fabric. Your fabric choices are beautiful.

  2. Lovely colors! Looking forward to see what you will make of this wonderful fabric!:)

  3. With regard to a semi-normal frame of mind.... My 90-year-old mother still says, "Don't overdo". I believe it can apply to nearly any venture (cleaning, cooking.... ) with the exception of laughter. Love your two fabrics together, it'll be fantastic!


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