Batch Cutting and other updates

Since I completed the first Sinclair Cachet pattern, I cut out another top using fabric from my stash. (I was going to post a photo of it but not found on my computer.) I will post after it is sewn.

Lately I have been reading about cutting fabrics in batches, which I have done previously but not recently. So I cut out the fabric mentioned above and I have cut out another using McCall's 6964. I have made 3 tops in the past couple of years from this pattern and adjustments made still work now. Again I am using fabric from my stash. No photo! I believe I purchased from

The fabric is a cotton knit and one that I was disappointed in when I received it. It has now grown on me and I thought this pattern was good as the fabric stretch matches the required stretch on the back of pattern envelope.

I have also printed out a Sinclair pant pattern to try.  I am using the petite pattern hoping that I will not have to make lots of adjustments.  The fabric suggested has some drape and I am using this black hybrid fabric from EOS. This has been in the stash since 2011. I am in the process of taping printed pattern sheets together to then cut out and trace on to pattern paper.

 I also needed more needles for my serger and sewing machine, so I ordered from Wawak last week. I also ordered several invisible zippers as their price was right.  Their shipping was very prompt and glad as my serger needles were down to zero and can not find them locally, nor would I want to go and shop just yet.

I also was tired of the look of this blog, so I changed the theme.  Not sure if it will stay the same or not. That's all the updates for me.  More later! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice update and blog look! I love to batch cut, and find it helps me stay ready to sew. Best wishes on your tops.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! I think this batch cutting is helping me to stay in the mood to sew!


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