Sewing wadder

I saw this pattern

 reviewed on PR and fell in love with it!  I had a blue and white striped fabric that I thought would work perfectly! It was one that had been in my stash since 2013.

As I began the process of making adjustments to the pattern and began the layout, I realized that my stripes should have been vertical so the stretch would work with the bodice part.  Instead, mine was horizontal which made the yoke drape way to much and the bodice did not have enough stretch for the fabric to fall as I wanted.  I added to the side seams to allow for this but it just didn't work.

I am down to the wire on sewing for the 50-year reunion so this is now a wadder.

I will give this pattern another try later as I do have a vertical striped fabric that may work.  I have a couple of tops purchased as well as made previously that will work for this event. The big challenge is will the weather be cooler there than here.  The weather app I rely on seems to indicate such until I looked at it this morning and looks like temperatures went up a few degrees.

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  1. That stinks! I totally understand wadders! I have had quite a few over the last few weeks, and I am ready for a winner. I hope your next project is a winner too!

    1. Thanks, Vanessa. I still plan to sew this top when I find the right fabric!


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