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Here it is almost Memorial Day in the US and I have not posted anything since May 5. There has been a lot going on with health issues. 

I am one of those people who immediately read the side effects of prescription medicine. My DH thinks that when I do that I make myself susceptible to thinking I have one of the side effects.  I think it is in my best interest to know so if something feels off then it could be the medicine. 

My doctor changed my cholesterol medicine, one that my drug plan would not cover.  So she prescribed a different one and the drug plan covered it.  My old medication was also covered.  After being on the new medication for almost one month, I felt terrible.  I also felt overwhelming sadness and found myself crying over most anything. I even had an incident at Walmart where I was walking through the store and I just wanted to break down and cry.  Crazy!

I revisited the new cholesterol medication side effects and found that some people would possibly experience mood swings, depression, anxiety, and even hallucinations. I knew then that the Debbie Downer feelings I had been experiencing were coming from the medication.  I visited my doctor and requested to go back to my old medication.  After further talking about not only having depressed feelings but my joints hurt also. I just was feeling bad. 

My cholesterol is higher than the norm but not high enough to risk health issues by going off all cholesterol medication for two months. The purpose was to be sure that it was the medication and not true depression.

So I feel "normal" again after being off the medication for almost one month now.  I am certainly not crying when I am walking through Walmart; there are enough children screaming and crying when I am in the store and it makes me want to run out of the store.

I share this because it is important to know the side effects of any medication, particularly new meds.
It is important to know your body and your normal feelings so you can identify what might be making you feel different. It is also to advocate with your doctor for a medication change.  At first, she was not appearing to listen to me but I persisted.

I have not felt like sewing either during this time and sewing has always been an enjoyment.  Today I finally ironed the fabric for the McCall's top that I had washed weeks ago.  I pulled out thread and interfacing; my plan is to cut out the fabric tomorrow.


  1. You were smart to figure this out on your own. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh, how awful, Linda! I'm glad that you recognized what was causing it before too long. I've had similar experiences with prescription drugs, and can empathize with you.

    1. Thanks Ann! I knew something was not right. I am feeling much better now.

  3. I am sorry you went through this, but hooray for you to confidently give voice to what you were experiencing! I am so glad you feel better, and hope your sewing mojo follows.

    1. Thank you Vanessa! I actually cut out most of the fabric for the McCall's pattern yesterday. Just have the small pieces to cut next. I am feeling my "normal" now!


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