Pants and Pattern Stash

I have tried on and taken off, made some adjustments, undone some adjustments, and tried some other adjustments with my pants fitting.  I have made my last adjustments and will attempt to actually sew with these final pant adjustments.  I have made so many adjustments and noted many and then lost track of some. 

This has been an amazing adventure. I think my final version will be the best I can do with this particular pattern.  Will I attempt to make another pair of pants? Perhaps but probably not this pattern.  Having said that, one real issue with this pant pattern is not choosing the right size and the need to better understand crotch depth and length.  I have more to learn.  I will take a break from pants and plan to sew some tops for the upcoming cooler weather.

DH and I have other plans for tomorrow and hopefully will be able to finish the pants, take pictures and write a final blog post about these pants by midweek.  I am soooooo ready to be done with this!!!!

P.S. I continue to reduce my pattern stash; I would have to be reincarnated to sew up all the patterns in the current stash.  I have given away a lot of patterns before and after moving.  I decided to sell some patterns on eBay and am selling cheap.  Below is a list of the few patterns I have posted on eBay.  Just click on the link if you are interested.

Simplicity 1017 Amazing Fit, Wide Leg Pants

Collette Parfait Dress

Butterick 5997 Loose-Fitting Tops

Butterick 6419 Semi-fitted Blouse


  1. I for one TOTALLY understand your pants fitting adventure. I have made so many muslins from so many different patterns; I remember to write the pattern number and date on some and others I didn't. I made numerous notes in different notebooks and have at times totally confused myself. During construction I try on no less than 10 times. Pants fitting has become almost like a part time job. I switched over to knit pants for a little bit and achieved some measure of success. I will be going back to woven however. I wish you much success when you start construction this week.

    1. I can so identify with your pant journey. I think I tried on these pants about 15 times and this last time I just said this it it. There are so many tutorials for pant fitting and each one has some similarities and yet so different.

  2. Looking forward to seeing how you have progressed!

  3. At one point during my pants fitting endeavors I had a pants pattern that was more tape than paper due to my many adjustments. I thought "just for fun" I'd compare it to the original Vogue pieces, knowing that they would be so far apart as to be unrecognizable. Except they weren't. I had adjusted so far in one direction and then corrected so far in the other direction that I had come back almost to where I started. There may have been cursing and other unpleasantness.

    Always a good idea to take a break and sew something that you know will have a good outcome!


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