Bobbie in Stripes

I finally finished my second version of Jalie's Bobbie top.  I decided to use a black and white striped knit from fabric collection (stash).  I purchased this from Fabric Mart in March 2013.  5 years of aging was enough.  The weight of this knit as well as the stretch were perfect for this top.  Though after making it in horizontal stripe I am not sure that this was my best idea for this fabric.  Nonetheless, here it is. (Not on me as I am not photo ready as of this writing.)

I made several tweaks as I mentioned in an earlier post.  I took a 1/2 inch horizontal tuck in the upper chest and back; this brought the armholes more in proportion with my petite frame.  It also raised the neckline which I thought was needed with the previous version. 

I removed the dart that I had in the first version and then I had to adjust the width of the waist/hip area because of this.  I did not want that dart as it would have messed up the stripe matching at the side.  I did keep the dart in the facing/liner. Unfortunately one side has matching stripes while the other doesn't.  This will not be that visible but I know it.  I decided not to agonize over it.

I also took a deeper side seam from waist to hip on the top to eliminate some of the boxy look. I did remove an inch at the hemline as I did previously and used a 3/4 inch hem with this one.
I was very happy with the neckline with this top.  In my previous version, in spite of my under-stitching the neckline facing, it still rolled out after heavy duty pressing so I had to topstitch the neckline on the first one and that eliminated the roll out.  With this one, I did not have that issue and I really am happy about that as I did not want to topstitch this one; I thought if I did that it would break up the stripes. I think this happened because of the weight and drape of this fabric as well as the neckline fitting closer.
I just had to take a shot of the matched stripes.  Sometimes I shy away from striped fabric because of taking time to match up the stripes.   I see unmatched stripes in RTW as well as with plaid matching. My grandmother always said she knew when someone was wearing a ready made dress or top because the stripes or plaid did not match up appropriately, no seamstress would do that.  That plays in my head whenever I sew stripes.

I know in my last post I mentioned I was going to make the Square Neck T-.  That pattern needs some tweaking and I decided that the fabric was not what I wanted to use for that particular top pattern.  Because I knew what I needed to do with this pattern I decided to make another.  I will put this pattern to rest for now.

I have decided to switch to sewing some woven fabrics next and I am truly working on making a pair of shorts, I just need to decide which pattern.

I will try to take some photos of this top when I have on some make up and washed hair.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love all b&w prints and stripes are high on that list. Such a great basic!!


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