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Closet Case Kalle Shirtdress Update

I am making progress with the Kalle Shirtdress!

I think the instructions with this pattern are very good.  I have sewn the placket, the pocket and have attached the yoke to front and back.  The burrito method for the yoke instructions were so easy peasy.  I have used this method with past garments but it had been awhile so referred to the instructions when I sewed this step.

I basted the side seams to check fit and have to make some width adjustments with the back piece.  I have a narrow back and really need to go down a size for most patterns for the back piece.  This one is no exception.  Most of the fullness is at mid back.  The hip area fits well in the back.  I will curve out the back waist area to make this adjustment.

With 20/20 hindsight I should have tried on the dress with just one yoke attached and then baste the front pieces to the back.  I could use a forward shoulder adjustment and did not give that any thought before moving on to the burrito yoke attachment step.  I can…

What's in the works?

I began working on Closet Case's Kalle Shirtdress and Top pattern. Pattern was pin fitted and based on finishes measurements and tissue fitting I decided to sew Size 12.  I did make a swayback adjustment and did not shortened the length of the dress as it appears from pattern reviews it seems to run short lengthwise.  We shall see!

Here is the fabric I am using.
It is pretty orange fabric somewhat like an orange sherbet.  It is 100% cotton and I acquired it when I visited my friend who lives in Myrtle Beach off and on during the year.  It was from a sewing and fabric store that caters more to quilting than apparel fabric. 

I like that with this pattern you have options for the collar and the front opening.  I decided to use the popover placket for my version. The instructions for the placket were well written and well illustrated, yet I still had a what the heck moment. 

I have always had issues with plackets, but this one I admit is my best one to date. The great thing about this…

More listings on eBay

I am continuing to downsize my pattern collection.  I have way too many patterns.  I have listed quite a few on eBay and added more this week.  I also have listed two sewing related books as well.  If interested go to eBay and search for lamona7.

I have more I will be listing this weekend.

Quick Post

I snapped a few photos of the striped Jalie Bobbie pattern when my photographer (DH) was not able to take some photos.  I shot them with my iPhone 8 in the bathroom mirror which needs cleaning after seeing these photos.

Not my best photo but hate taking photos with my phone.  I realize that it is not a happy look and actually I am pleased with the outcome of this second top.  The tweaks I made worked as planned and hoped for.

Awkward pose for a back shot.

Of course I had to let you peek into the facing/liner.  This is the side where the stripes at the side seam meet, the other side does not line up so well.  I normally don't go around raising my arm for people to see the underside, so it won't be that noticeable.

I am starting to work on my next project, the Closet Case Kalle Shirtdress.

More later.

Pattern Stash Reduction and Next Project

I was going through patterns yesterday and found that several patterns I had planned to sell or donate made the move with me to our new home.  I decided to take advantage of eBays selling options and have posted several (about 27) patterns there.  If interested, you can go to eBay and look for lamona7 to see what I am selling.

I plan to list some more in the next few days.  The patterns include the Big 4, New Look and Indie patterns such as Collette and Loes Hinse.

I washed some fabric I purchase last year at a store in Myrtle Beach. (I failed to take a picture after purchasing last year, so not able to show it at this time.) Currently my idea is to use this woven cotton fabric with Closet Case's Kalle shirt & shirtdress pattern.  I think I have enough of it to made the shirtdress.  I just need to decide on size since I have not sewn anything from this pattern line. If you have made this pattern, please give some feedback on the fit for you and any thing that may need added at…

Bobbie in Stripes

I finally finished my second version of Jalie's Bobbie top.  I decided to use a black and white striped knit from fabric collection (stash).  I purchased this from Fabric Mart in March 2013.  5 years of aging was enough.  The weight of this knit as well as the stretch were perfect for this top.  Though after making it in horizontal stripe I am not sure that this was my best idea for this fabric.  Nonetheless, here it is. (Not on me as I am not photo ready as of this writing.)

I made several tweaks as I mentioned in an earlier post.  I took a 1/2 inch horizontal tuck in the upper chest and back; this brought the armholes more in proportion with my petite frame.  It also raised the neckline which I thought was needed with the previous version. 

I removed the dart that I had in the first version and then I had to adjust the width of the waist/hip area because of this.  I did not want that dart as it would have messed up the stripe matching at the side.  I did keep the dart in the fac…


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