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Continued Chaos

I have hit another brick wall with my sewing room setup.  I have WAY TOO  much fabric, patterns, etc. for the space.  Now looking into shelving to go up toward ceiling. 

We still have boxes to unpack and somewhere in some box are my scissors, rotary cutters, and more.  When the movers were unloading the truck I thought I caught all of the boxes marked sewing.  Obviously not as there are more boxes unfortunately two boxes deep to get to at the moment. 

With the room in chaos at this time, I could not cut out anything if I found said scissors.  I was going to post a picture of how it looks now and realized that I have not yet found my camera.  I have the camera stand, not the camera!!!!

Years ago I would not have let the movers pack and move my sewing machines and essential sewing items.  This time I did let them move the sewing room and for the big things such as machines and serger, plus sewing and cutting table, all made it without damage.

Hopefully soon all will be my "normal&q…

Moved and Back on Line

Hello everyone!

We are moved and all the stuff is in the house.  Not all pretty with everything in its place and my sewing room looks like a disaster zone.  My DH was stunned by the number of boxes that were patterns.  He did not believe that I had gotten rid of any patterns and I had three large Hefty 39 gallon trash bags of patterns I donated to Goodwill.

I just got internet connected today and so happy to have this back on.  Life is hard without internet and WiFi in one's home. 

I am working on getting the sewing/office room put together.  I may have to buy one of those metal sheds to go behind the house just for sewing related items.  I can't wait to sew something in the near future.

More later!


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