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Last garment made for 2017-McCall's 7636

I finally finished McCall's 7636. My plans to finish this pattern during the Christmas holidays did not happen.  I got close but so much was going on that week that I found less time to be in the sewing room.

I was bound and determined to finish this for this holiday weekend and yeah! it is done.

Let me say that I found this pattern to be well drafted and the instructions were great.  The pattern is real loose and it is important to pay attention to the finished measurements on the pattern pieces.  The shoulders are wide and somewhat dropped; I reduced the width of the shoulders by 5/8 and probably could have reduced by 3/4.

My double knit fabric was one with a coating on the front that gave it a faux leather or scuba knit feel. I used a larger size needle to sew this and glad I did.  At times I was sewing through several layers of fabric, lining fabric, zippers, piping, etc.

I highly recommend this pattern to those with more sewing skills than a beginner.

Here are photos of the c…

Catching up on M7636

Making slow but steady progress with M7636.  This is a challenging project and I am taking my time to make sure that it goes together well. 

I am excited that I have finally completed the jacket unit and now ready for the lining unit to be stitched and attached.   Here are a few shots of the WIP.

Front view with zipper and piping basted to front.  It will be appropriately stitched when the lining and facing is attached.

A closer look of the zipper and piping.  You really can't see the piping.  The zipper teeth are placed over the piping edge, so when stitched the piping will be a design element of the jacket closure

This gives you an idea of what it will look like after sewn.  Still hard to see the piping because of the black zipper.

Both sleeves are attached now.  The piping is basted to the arm hole before inserting the sleeve. After sleeve is attached, then you topstitch around the sleeve area.  This was challenging for me, a lot of manipulating the piping and making sure when …

New Look 6469

I finally got an opportunity to wear my new dress New Look 6469 earlier this week as the weather turned cold enough to wear.

I took these photos right before leaving for work and used my iPad to take them.  The background colors are not real conducive to showing off this dress and I played with editing as best I could.

I wore this with tights and my camel suede colored booties, only I left my feet out of the shots.

Back of the dress!  The dress calls for a zipper.  I interfaced the back seam edges for the zipper insertion.  This worked well.  I used Design Plus Stay Tape for this.

Here is the side view
This is a high low hem.  To be perfectly honest, I did not recall using the low hem back piece.  When I put it on to wear that day and I saw how the back hung, I thought it might have to do with snug bust. The pattern indicates that it is close fitting in the shoulder/chest/bust area.  It does not really pull in that area so I have decided this is definitely the high/low hem back piece.

My New Project

Friday evening I took the time to begin the layout of fabric and pattern. In an earlier post I reported that I wanted to begin sewing some jackets. I have not made any jackets in over a year, though I did attempt a McCall's bomber jacket pattern that did not go well. That one went to the wadder basket.

The pattern that I'm using now for this project is is another McCall pattern; this one has set in sleeves with pleating at the bottom edge of the sleeve. It also has a casing and you insert 2 inch elastic.

I had planned to cut out more of the fabric than what I did on Friday evening on Saturday. However I woke up Saturday morning not feeling very well, experiencing a migraine type headache. This morning feeling much better I tackled cutting out this pattern. This pattern has a lining, a two-piece sleeve with pleating at's hemline before cuff is attached. There's a lot of pattern pieces to cut out. I used my Olfa  60 MM rotary cutter. Many sewist use rotary cutters to cut…


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