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2 Projects!

I finished cutting out the New Look dress pattern. I am making the view with the turtle neck.  The pattern calls for a 12 inch zipper. I don't normally do zippers with knits however this may be a little snug at the neckline and may be essential to getting the dress on and off.

I also decided to enter the plaid contest on Pattern Review.  Hopefully I will make the deadline.  To do so required me to finalize the pattern I wanted to use and I had several in mind.  I have been heavily influenced by this shirt on Soft Surroundings website.

My plaid fabric is a knit and I cannot find a shirt pattern for knit that looks similar.  I do have an OOP McCall's pattern that is a shirt pattern with a back yoke and I could modify the back piece to have a gathered back bodice.

However since time is an issue for me, I decided to go a different route but use the plaid and a floral fabric I bought with this inspiration in mind.  I am making a pattern I made previously that fits great and I get l…

New Project

The past couple of weeks at work along with DH's recent rotary cuff surgery has left me with little time for me time.  From Oct.18-20, I was involved in a three days accreditation review of our organization with the final day being Friday and we had our exit interview.  So some stress has ended and I found myself sleeping the best sleep in weeks Friday night.  I normally get up around 7 or 7:30 on Saturdays and this Saturday I slept until 8:30.  I felt very rested.

After my big fail with the recent project, my next project is New Look 6469.  Several staff have come to work in dresses similar to this one and I think it will look good with tights and booties or boots for fall.

The fabric I plan to use is the floral print, a brushed poly knit, from Cali Fabrics.

I pin fitted the pattern and made some adjustments.  I am ready to cut out the fabric and had planned to do so on Saturday after grocery shopping.  When I got home my lower back was hurting; I was aware on Friday that my lowe…

Out with the Old, In with the New

I decided it was time to buy a new rotary cutter.  My old one was okay; I tried an Olfa cutter with a different grip at a sewing retreat a few months ago.  I liked the feel of it so I decided to let the old one go!
I could not decide on the size I should get and Nancy's Notions had a special sale so I took advantage of the and bought two.
I also purchased this Fiskars Easy Change Fabric Cutter Knife.  It comes with three different blades used for different purposes.

Lastly, I needed a new cutting mat.  The one I had was bent/warped and not usable.  This is a folding mat which when opened it truly lays flat.

Hoping for some sewing time soon!!! 

Oh no!

I finally got some time to sew this weekend. I was at the point with Simplicity 8425 to install the invisible zipper. Installing the zipper was easy peasy, I love working with invisible zippers.

The issue, and I thought it was going to be an issue, was the bulk at the intersection of the collar. My fabric being scuba knit was rather thick and I was treating it as if it was a ponte knit. After you attach the collar, you then attach a front and back facing. So at that intersection you now have a thickness of the back fabric, two layers of collar fabric, plus facing. Nowhere in the instructions does it say to trim out this area. I however did trim out the thickness of the collar and the facings, before understitching the collar and interfacing, per instructions and my usual practice.. However there was still quite a bit of bulk in the area where the zipper was going to be. The instructions advises you after installing the invisible zipper to trim out the area under the zipper at the faci…

Sewing Interruptus!!!

I have not been able to do much sewing this week.  My DH had to have rotator cuff surgery to fix a bad shoulder that I could not ever talk him into doing a couple of years ago.  It was pretty bad at this point. Fortunately it was repairable.  Everyone I have talked to who have had this surgery or someone in their family has said it is very painful afterwards.  They were not kidding.

My DH's pain level on a scale of 1-to 10, with 10 being the worst, is about 18!  No pain tolerance at all.  The doctor visit and pre-admission ate up one full day last Monday. The surgery was Thursday and the procedure is laparoscopic.  While the nerve block and anesthesia were still there after spending 9 hours at the hospital, sometime during the early morning yesterday the nerve block wore off!

He was finally able to sleep last night as did I-YEAH!!!

I hope to go to sewing room sometime today and tomorrow, in between being a nurse; I really stink at being a nurse.  Bless all of you who are.  The nur…


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