Not much sewing this weekend

I lost my sewing mojo and hope to rekindle it soon.  😧  A lot happened at work last week and then plans for Saturday and Sunday with DH did not include sewing time.

I am trying to select my next project so did get in the sewing room for a brief period of time this AM.
I have some nice fabrics from Fabric Mart and ESO calling my name;I just need to match them with the right pattern.

I am looking forward to next weekend because of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday.  I do plan to get some sewing in with that long weekend.

I want to thank everyone who provided me with fitting suggestions with my gaping back armhole with the Cold Shoulder Style Arc pattern.  I am going to the next size up which is a 14 but keeping the 12 for the upper chest/shoulder area.

More later.  Hope you have a nice week ahead!


  1. I hope work eases up this week and doesn't intrude on your sewing activities!


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